OUcare Thermometer 1.11


OUcare Thermometer

We care ALL YOU CARE!!

Thermometer Device is a powerful application software for temperature measurement which works on Android based smartphone. Thermometer Device supports five major temperature measurements required in your whole life. You can use it to measure oral/rectal temperature of your baby, or measure milk temperature to avoid burning the mouth of your baby. It is very convenient to use in your daily life.

How to Use:
Download the Thermometer Device app software into your smartphone, launch it, and then connect the supported thermometer to your smartphone via headphone jack. Now you can press the ON/OFF button on the thermometer to start a measurement.

.Support 5 temperature measurements: oral, rectal, water/milk, indoor/outdoor, and BBQ
.Speak and operate in multiple languages
.Show real-time measured temperature
.Save up to 9999 data sets
.Support Celsius and Fahrenheit display
.Provide low battery indication

Last Updated:2011-09-18 22:20:10
File size:11MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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